Posted by: jim | April 17, 2009

Tribune from the Legend – response to Digger


It is wonderful, it is beautiful but it is sometimes dangerous to give all arguments in one shot. Once again, you gave all you have and all the words you know at the same time.

It is what one of the most known Scots woman Mary Stuart used to say. We all know that Queen Mary (nothing to do with a ship), Queen of Scotland was a very smart woman, since she changes her name Stewart for STUART to make it more French, more presentable, and also known to be men consumer (3 husbands), “Digger, yes I remember him, a gentleman, I had an affair between 2 husbands” she said, “he is like his golf very very short “ her Majesty adds.

We have the same opinion with Jeanne of Arc. Since the Digger helped her with some others Scots (within the Auld Alliance) to kick the English out of France. “He is shorter than faster” she said with flame. This well known phrase from “the Maid of Orleans” enter in the posterity with this children song

He is shorter than faster
He is faster than shorter
He is bigger
No it’s just Digger

To achieve our European tour, listen to a pretty girl of Dublin’s fair city, sweet Molly Malone, first she couldn’t remember the Digger, but looking at her wheel-barrow and seeing cockles and mussels, everything comes back, and she cried
“Cockles and mussels alive, alive oh!”

Chris ‘the Legend’ Genevey


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