Posted by: apprentice2009 | May 15, 2009

Château l’Apolline join the Alliance


Château l’Apolline

The ALLIANCE 2009 are proud to announce the sponsorship of the Chateau l’Apolline with one of the most beautiful wines to come out of France.

Chateau l’Apolline is a family grand cru vineyard in Saint-Emilion, located in the small commune of Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens. It is here that proprietors Philippe and Perrine Genevey have made their outstanding red, in the most classic Saint-Emilion style, since 1996. The beautiful name “Apolline” belongs to their third daughter, and this family property exudes their care and attention.

Philippe Genevey’s tasting notes:

• A deep color, showing an intense ruby-red hue, almost black in the middle.

• Still a little bit closed on the nose at first, but after swirling the power comes through, displaying warm notes of red berry and cherry, against a backdrop of oaky, slightly spicy aromas of bay leaves.

• The attack on the palate is full, rich and warm with lots of freshness coming through on mid-palate.

• Sweet ripe tannins make this wine a truly great vintage, beautifully rounded off by a full, long finish.

Christophe has predicted, the wine will taste all the more sweeter to the winning team of the Auld Alliance 2009.

To read more on this outstanding vintage follow the link to Septembers profile on the The Vineyard Club site below;




  1. Chateau l’Apopolline Rouge and Rosé will make your drive long and straight right in the midlle of the fairway.

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