The Auld Alliance – A Presidents Tribute

GetwellOne of the founding fathers of the Auld Alliance, Patrick Sebright, was proudly prepared to bring his French team back to Scotland, to the defend the cup, so hard won last year.

6 weeks, before the event, Patrick’s doctor said, “non” as a heart operation was required urgently. The amount of effort needed to keep Patrick from boarding the plane at Marseille, has been considerable. He has been persuaded to hang up the Golf Clubs this year and taken the surgeons advice to prioritise his personal health. 

Some weeks after his operation, Patrick is now on the road to recovery, with release from hospital and is due home very shortly. This is great news on the eve of the Auld Alliance tournament and every member of the Alliance wish him a speedy recovery.

Patrick has prepared his team for 2009, so can only sit in the sidelines and await the outcome. For sure his french boys will do him proud.

In the words of the the greatest Frenchman of the 20th century, General Charles de Gaulle, “I do not think that a Frenchman could have come to Scotland at any time without being sentitive of a special emotion – awareness of the thousand links, still living and cherished, of the Franco – Scottish Alliance, the oldest alliance in the world”

“fier comme un Ecossais”



  1. President Patrick, We will miss you at this years event and wish you a very speedy recovery and hope you will once again be at the helm to lead the French team next time in France.

    I am sure your generals will do you proud and give the Scots a real challenge , I am sure they will keep you informed of the proceedings and the eventual outcome. Best team wins and fair play between all.

    Good health and best wishes.

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