In order to make the 2009, Year of Homecoming, Auld Alliance trophy the biggest and best yet, we have come to depend on the kind and generous donations of our sponsors to assist in the logistics, green-fees, cultural exchanges and sporting trophies.
This year we have benefitted from generous contributions from:

Chivas Brothers Chivas brothers
Houston Ales Fox & Hounds, Houston
sdv SDV, Marignane
artemballage ART ET EMBALLAGES, Marseille
compugraphics2 COMPUGRAPHICS, Glenrothes

KRINGS, Marseille
Château l'Apolline
Château l’Apolline

Château l’Apolline

There are still many opportunities, both large and small, for interested parties to assist the Auld Alliance 2009 committee achieve it’s goal in showcasing the very best Scotland has to offer. It is our deepest desire that this event should benefit the local community both during the course of the event and in the longer term as our visiting friends return home with tales of the hospitality to be found at the home of golf. We aim to broaden our business connections through those magnificent Scottish traditions of  golf and whisky hospitality.


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