The Poker



Auld Alliance Poker Tournament


                                                            Evening of Thursday 21st May


Assume 20 people max. Will run competition rule as GLASGOW WABASH, except this is a one time buy, receive 5k chips at beginning and when your out …YOU ARE OUT !!

 No WILDCATS, unless your name is Didier and you are drinking McCallan

5k Chips White = 100 x5

Black = 500 x5

Red = 1000 x2


100k total chips in play.


Blinds start at 100/200, rise every 20 mins i.e. 200/400, 300/600, 400/800 etc. 10 minute break at 1 hour point.


Additional Chips to be used at later stage of tournament

Green = 5000

Blue = 10000


Top 3 individuals win prizes.

Team prize (France/Scotland) based on points (first out 0 pts…… winner 20pts)



  1. I am all in

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