Dear Friends,

A final word from me.

I think this year has been a great addition to the history of the Auld Alliance tournament. Although we are now only four years old, we have a wealth of experiences and good times that I believe will last us for the rest of our lives.

I would like to congratulate the French team on their magnificent win. The competition over the four day period was fantastic, the weather was brilliant and the friendship and good will shared was of the highest order.

We wish President Patrick a speedy recovery, and convey to him that his French team did him proud (very, very proud!). Christophe, you were a truly outstanding temporary President, thank-you for kind words during your speeches and for all the entertainment you provided over the four days.

Franck, congratulations on your team selections, your tactics and motivation of the French team paid off big time. Sorry I didn’t give you a better game on Saturday, you’ll be pleased to know I can still barely sit down after the spanking you gave me !! To the French team (inc. E. Gris), well done and well played, we thank you for your participation and appreciate the excellent feedback and great comments received over the four days. We are delighted you all enjoyed yourselves (and took most of the prizes!).

To the Scottish team, well done to you all, thanks for taking the time to participate and thanks for all your efforts that have gone into making this year a huge success. In particular I have to mention our team Captain Graham for all his planning, enthusiasm and motivation to make this year a truly outstanding experience, well done mate! Please pass on my thanks to Finlay for his help with this year’s organisation.

Bruce – Finance Director is your next career……. I’m sure you can handle the stress

Stewart M. and Davie, thanks for making sure we spent most of the social fund…….. good job both!! Stewart thanks for the guitar/mandolin/piano/etc. playing, it was brilliant and kept several parties going !!

Jim T/Didier – Poker tourney was fun….. let’s try to keep it under 4 hours next time

Jim MacF – Great Website thanks.

To all our sponsors, thank you, thank you, thank you !! Without your participation and kind help, this would not be half the event it has turned out to be, we look forward to your continued participation.

The Auld Alliance Trophy returns to France, the Scottish team aim to retrieve it in 2010………. be afraid, be very afraid !!

Until next year, take care and all the best !!!!!


Hi all friends

It is difficult and easy to be the last.

Difficult because you have to make a great effort of imagination to add something new at all this ocean of thanks; easy because for the same reason you can do it short.

But I do not want to do it short;

What an event, excellent weather, great golf courses and magnificent friendship.

President Patrick was missing us of course, but from his recovery house in Hyeres, he is proud of his boys.

No words were said about Marine Hotel. What a wonderful view from my room, North Sea is beautiful with different colors depends on the weather (I still have a question, I never seen full tide). By the way, I notice that the best room was reserved to the Captains. But a lot of negotiations were sat in it (so I do not complain)…

I want to applaud this fantastic organization which was a perfect team work.

John you have been as usual a great President, taking care of everybody, and of score.

Graham as captain, guitar entertainer, driver, patient, available for all our requests

Jim MacFarlane, the web site is a BEAUTY; we probably have to hire you for 2010.

Jimmy T (nothing to say, because according to Graham you did nothing). Looking further, we can find your participation in the poker night (A great Success), and of course to have support me at Kings Acre, commenting almost all my shots by a friendly “UNLUCKY”.

Gordon, you still have the trophy for the nicest red face (or Shrimp trophy). Thank you for all social jobs done you and your team.

Thank David and you El Seve for all guitar entertainment, we have great time to try to sing with you.

Can you please thank Finlay to receive us in Caiplie House for our improvised wine taste?

I want to give a special thanks to our financial Director Bruce (even though he beats me in Kings Acre by 11, probably a world record). Thank you for your conscientious job and of course for my shoes.

It is always a pleasure to meet people from one year to another and feel like the last time we see us was a week ago. I think to Brian, Peter, Stewart.

For new friends, Alan, Archie, Michael, Jonathon, Gordon (how is your knee) hope to see you all next year.

To end this I want to thanks my friend Mike Gordon (Edinburgh night), he was sorry for the social, but due to the H Cup, all places was full. He asks me to apologize for that.

Of course another word for all our sponsors


Compugraphics, SDV, Krings, Art Emballages

The new one who are for sure going to be institutional

Chivas, Fox and Hounds, Chateau l’Apolline

Thank all of you.

For French team, I just want to say a big BRAVO, President Patrick asks me to bring back the trophy in France, and my mission is now done. It was a great honor to be your president for 4 days, now the presidency and the trophy is back to Patrick.

Thank you, guys.

Scots make the Level for Auld Alliance very high. It is our turn to organize as brilliant as it was

AULD ALLIANCE 2009 is dead, Vive AULD ALLIANCE 2010.
PS: Can someone in Crail, unlock Brian. He is in the Kitchen.


Chris The Legend

Didier Poingt:

Dear All,

Thank you very much for this wonderful week-end in Scotland.

I have enjoyed it quite a lot despite I did not play golf.


Thanks to the Scots for their outstanding welcome, organization and friendship.

I hope I will be able to make a good video out of it and have it available as soon as possible.

Best regards

Didier Poingt
Sales Manager France
Atmel Europe

JC Fouquet:

Hi friends,

Great friendship competition that no one cannot equalize!!!
We are lucky we are lucky of being able to live such so exceptional moments!!!

Once again, thank you.


Franck Rolland:

As our temporary president is off today recovering for the outstanding event you offer us. I will on his name congratulate our dear Scott’s to make it happened.
I am sure the president will then add few words but I will comment the sporting side of it.
I have to recon your sportsmanship to let us equalize 2-2 in the auld alliance challenge.
After few trials I find out the game format of this year is the one. Making this event even more official, upon Graham brilliant idea, an application note will be issued soon specifying the rules. “before Bruce complain” It had to contain a chapter on the index.

I have to apologize to Xtophe sacrificing him for the next game ( don’t have to push a lot) during the Thursday night to give us enough room to win.

I was a great pleasure to meet all of you, expecting to see you again next year.

Last wish is for Patrick we hope it will help you to recover faster and in the name of all you miss us.

Best Regards.

Michel Brevet:

Nothing to add on Arnaud, JC, Franck & Didier emails already sent … It has been a success story and you put lot of pressure on our shoulders for next year. Thanks again a million for those unforgettable souvenirs


Bruce Robertson:

What Me complain , never what a slur and insult to my sensitive nature and emotional state to lose our beloved trophy again.
We make sure you have the best rooms in the hotel, best views, sleeping partners, double eggs at breakfast, plenty of the finest Scottish malt, we serenade you till the wee small hours in the mornings, wee get you coffee and hot dogs, we clean your shoes (well at least one of you !!!) , we let you win the poker and you still take our trophy off us and then we make one wee comment about an “index” and you see it as complaining….eh! Shag one sheep and yer known for ever more as a sheep shagger :o)

Seriously though, what a fantastic event, your attendance and contribution to the 4 days was terrific. Your friendship and sportsmanship was outstanding, some great competative games along with the usual entertainment. Trying to explain to all my colleagues here “back at Hell” about the special partnership we have between the French and Scottish just cant get over to them , 4 years and getting stronger…the bar has been set so let the planning for 2010 begin.

Thanks again .

Big Oz

Lionel Georges:

I’m still dreaming about it….. So many incredible things seen this week end. A strong welcome, a top organization, golf courses you can not find anywhere else, an obvious strong friendship : a fantastic and unforgettable event. I even learnt there was another musle song than the french one….
Special thanks to
Michel boumboum Brevet who managed to convince the french decision makers that I was worth something….(then they realized I was not but too late….)

Thanks again,
Lionel Sunbringer (and it worked)



  1. hello i’m late cause i repaired my 4 iron
    only 4 days dreaming and now i’m back to heat
    thanks for all and that fantastic visit to st andrews club house.

    Thanks for all
    jamie francais

  2. Folks,

    Crail was an excellent base and the course’s that we played were TOP CLASS, Crail and Kingsbarns in particular will live long in my memory, so thanks to the folks who set these up. Thanks to all of the golfers, staff, locals, etc for the warm and welcoming attitude, this really meant that everyone was relaxed and spent every momment with a smile …… always easier to enjoy yourself with good friends!! I have now had a few days back to get some sleep and also reflect ….. what a great time we had!!!!!


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