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Château l’Apolline join the Alliance


Château l’Apolline

The ALLIANCE 2009 are proud to announce the sponsorship of the Chateau l’Apolline with one of the most beautiful wines to come out of France.

Chateau l’Apolline is a family grand cru vineyard in Saint-Emilion, located in the small commune of Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens. It is here that proprietors Philippe and Perrine Genevey have made their outstanding red, in the most classic Saint-Emilion style, since 1996. The beautiful name “Apolline” belongs to their third daughter, and this family property exudes their care and attention.

Philippe Genevey’s tasting notes:

• A deep color, showing an intense ruby-red hue, almost black in the middle.

• Still a little bit closed on the nose at first, but after swirling the power comes through, displaying warm notes of red berry and cherry, against a backdrop of oaky, slightly spicy aromas of bay leaves.

• The attack on the palate is full, rich and warm with lots of freshness coming through on mid-palate.

• Sweet ripe tannins make this wine a truly great vintage, beautifully rounded off by a full, long finish.

Christophe has predicted, the wine will taste all the more sweeter to the winning team of the Auld Alliance 2009.

To read more on this outstanding vintage follow the link to Septembers profile on the The Vineyard Club site below;


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More good news for Auld Alliance golfers

Houston Ales

Houston Ales

After the unstinting efforts of the VisitScotland Director, the Auld Alliance 2009 tour committee are proud to announce that the Auld Alliance Friendship day will be lubricated by the golf improving qualities of real ale from the Houston Brewing company.

Awards Houston Ales have won include :-
Bronze Medal, Best Bitter Category, at CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain with Peter’s Well.

Chief Sponsorship convener Jim MacFarlane was elated, just about managing to slur “Well, I hope that put paid to the myth that I couldn’t organise a party in a brewery!”

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Chivas Brothers join the Auld Alliance

chivasbrotherslogoThe Auld Alliance committee are delighted and very proud to announce a special new relationship with Chivas brothers, the premium Scotch whisky company allied with Pernod-Ricard, the quintessentially French giants of the Pastis world.
No company better identifies with the ideals or vision of the Auld Alliance tournament.

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Tribune from the Legend – response to Digger


It is wonderful, it is beautiful but it is sometimes dangerous to give all arguments in one shot. Once again, you gave all you have and all the words you know at the same time.

It is what one of the most known Scots woman Mary Stuart used to say. We all know that Queen Mary (nothing to do with a ship), Queen of Scotland was a very smart woman, since she changes her name Stewart for STUART to make it more French, more presentable, and also known to be men consumer (3 husbands), “Digger, yes I remember him, a gentleman, I had an affair between 2 husbands” she said, “he is like his golf very very short “ her Majesty adds.

We have the same opinion with Jeanne of Arc. Since the Digger helped her with some others Scots (within the Auld Alliance) to kick the English out of France. “He is shorter than faster” she said with flame. This well known phrase from “the Maid of Orleans” enter in the posterity with this children song

He is shorter than faster
He is faster than shorter
He is bigger
No it’s just Digger

To achieve our European tour, listen to a pretty girl of Dublin’s fair city, sweet Molly Malone, first she couldn’t remember the Digger, but looking at her wheel-barrow and seeing cockles and mussels, everything comes back, and she cried
“Cockles and mussels alive, alive oh!”

Chris ‘the Legend’ Genevey

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The Diggers View – Sponsored by BetFair

After much media speculation, inside rumours and cloak and dagger secrecy, the Auld Alliance teams  for 2009 were announced on Easter weekend. Aptly, as it turned out, as some of last years players have, indeed themselves, come back from the dead.


The Scottish team have gone with the experienced stalwarts, who, after dominating the event in the early years, succumbed to the French onslaught last year. The toll of heat, alcohol induced dehydration and average squad age, finally tipped the balance in French favour, when all was on the line. Do they have one last battle in them?, only time will tell.


Do not be surprised, however, if this Scottish team has a few tricks up their sleeve. At their training camp in Muckart Golf club, Club President JC, commented “The team have been putting in additional coaching sessions and we have been working through our resident club medals, at posting poor scores to raise our handicap indexes”. Mr Stewart, Christie, Roberson and Miller have been outstanding in this respect, with neither of them breaking 95 in any medal so far”.  “It augers well”.


In an attempt to motivate the team, Scottish Legend and Ryder Cup Captain, Colin Montgomery will broadcast a ‘Braveheart … they will never take our Freedom’ message via satellite to the team headquarters on the eve of the event.


JC goes on, “It was a chance meeting with Monty in Glasgow, I had the Double Cheese Burger with Chips, he had the Waldorf Salad, then I suddenly realised why I never made it as a pro”.  A firm handshake later and a promise to stop stalking him, Big Monty was signed up for the cause.


The Scottish Team have been on a meat-free, wheat free, carbohydrate-free, alcohol –free diet, with a Celibacy clause strictly enforced. They may look healthy, but boy oh boy are they hormonal and strung as tight as a drum.


Meanwhile on the other side of the Channel, the French team have retained the core spine of their team that ran rampant last year and, like an Arsene Wenger inspired youth policy, introduced some wonder-kids into the ranks with handicaps higher than their age.  This is a gamble, no doubt about it. Will the debutants swing hold up under pressure?. Will the liver and bowels hold up under pressure?


The French talisman and THE Legend, Xtoph G commented, “We have adopted our own Marseille God’s (Eric Cantona), philosophy to follow the trawlers, drink lots of Pastis, superb wine and eat as if there is no tomorrow”. 


Indeed, the team plans to light a candle at Cathédrale Sainte-Marie-Majeure de Marseille, on the day of departure. “We are the holders, we have higher handicaps, we speak better English… We are French”.


The French are so concerned about the Scottish weather, that they have employed the services of former Canal+ weather girl and Hollywood starlet Louise Bourgoin, to predict events. “If it blows a hoollie with horizontal rain in Fife, then like the Spanish Armada over 400 years ago, I despair for my boys” the blonde bombshell predicted.


The Events Management Teams have ignored the current global credit crunch and have built the Auld Alliance 2009 campaign from the ashes of last years defeat.


Fife’s legendary hotelier and international entrepreneur, Finlay Kerr, takes up the story “ I was sunning myself in the Italian Alps, drinking Grappa and watching the girls go by, when the call came in”


Realising that their campaign required the professional touch, the Alliance committee turned to the Crail maestro for the real Homecoming Scotland touch. “All I heard was my country needed me and I was on the first plane back to Scotland, although six weeks on they haven’t paid me a bean yet”    


So the French will roll into town, confident and wearing the cloak of Alliance holders, with the Alliance Trophy at the head of the caravan. The Scottish, meanwhile, lie in wait to repel the invader and re-capture the Grail, in Crail.


These two ten man teams will slug-fest it out in three days of match play doubles and singles competition, over the legendary fields of St Andrews. 


Only the chosen and righteous, who can overcome all of the elements, will prevail in this test of wills.


Let the games begin

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Itinerary published

Bonjour mes amis!

The tournament director has directed me to publish the rules, regulations and itinerary for the forthcoming Auld Alliance trophy shoot out in the ancient golfing Kingdom of Fife.

You should be able to find all the relevant details either by selecting a tab from the top of the page or clicking the category link for ‘Competition Format’ or ‘Itinerary’ on the right hand sidebar.

Plus tard!


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Poker Night


Auld Alliance Poker Tournament


Evening of Thursday 21st May


Assume 20 people max. Will run competition similar to Wahbash structure, except this is a one time buy, receive 5k chips at beginning and when your out …YOU ARE OUT !!


5k Chips White = 100 x5

Black = 500 x5

Red = 1000 x2


100k total chips in play.


Blinds start at 100/200, rise every 20 mins i.e. 200/400, 300/600, 400/800 etc. 10 minute break at 1 hour point.


Additional Chips to be used at later stage of tournament

Green = 5000

Blue = 10000


Top 3 individuals win prizes.

Team prize (France/Scotland) based on points (first out 0 pts…… winner 20pts)

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Day 4 – Auld Alliance Match Play Singles


Day4 – Auld Alliance Match Play Singles


King’s Acre Golf Club Saturday 23rd May

Par 72 6068 Metres


Mano – Mano Match play, strokes given is ¾ difference of full handicap allowance.


Longest Drive

Nearest the Hole

2 golf balls for Magic 2’s


In addition, special stroke competition to be announced.


Match Points count towards Auld Alliance Cup Competition. Same scoring as in Four Ball competition.



Day3 – Auld Alliance Match Play Four Ball Doubles


Kingsbarns Golf Club Friday 22nd May

6652 Yards Par 72


Same Rules as above.


Longest Drive

Nearest the Hole

2 golf balls for Magic 2’s


Additional prize to doubles match with biggest win margin


Points count towards Auld Alliance Cup Competition


Day2 – Auld Alliance Match Play Four Ball Doubles


Crail Craighead Golf Course Thursday 21st May

6728 Yards Par 71


Match play competition – Strokes determined by lowest player in group – strokes received are ¾ of difference.


e.g. John C (10) and David C(12) vs Patrick (19) and Michel (11)


John no strokes, David 2 strokes (diff. 1.5), Patrick 7 strokes (diff. 6.75) Michel 1 stroke (diff. 0.75).


Only one person per team need hole out. Teams can give putts (gimmes) to opposing team. If match finishes before 18th, teams continue to play on, so that all holes count towards final points tally:


Win Match : 2pts Halved Match: 1pt Winning Margin: 1pt per hole


E.g. John and David win 2&1, Pat and Mic win 18th = Scotland 3 pts (2+1)

John and David win 2&1, Pat and Mic lose 18th = Scotland 5pts (2+3)


Longest Drive

Nearest the Hole

2 golf balls for Magic 2’s


Additional prize to doubles match with biggest win margin


Points count towards Auld Alliance Cup Competition.

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